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About us


We are a company committed to the marketing of high-quality logistical services, directing our efforts to fulfill commercial agreements, meeting the requirements and expectations of our clients and stakeholders, relying on our team of skillful and diligent professionals which focus on risk management, innovation, and continuous improvement of our processes.


G.L.E COLOMBIA will be recognized in the national and international market as an innovative logistics services company that meets the requirements and expectations of our clients and stakeholders; through the strengthening of enduring alliances with reliable suppliers, a committed and proficient team of professionals, focusing on risk management, appropriate technology, and continuous process improvement.



To build trustworthy and prosperous businesses where all stakeholders can benefit from, focusing on high levels of customer satisfaction and, of course, conducting all deals in the most transparent manner.

Service Policy

At GLE COLOMBIA, we are committed to providing innovative, personalized, timely, and reliable logistical services that meet the requirements and expectations of our stakeholders.

We focus on risk management, continuously strengthening the competencies of our talented personnel, always relying on cutting edge technology and constantly improving our business processes.

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