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G.L.E. International

G.L.E. International

We advise you throughout the international delivery process

International E-commerce:

We provide logistics and transportation services for companies that sell their products globally through e-commerce platforms

In addition, we have a warehouse in the United States from where we centralize and consolidate urgent shipments, offer courier services and manage regular imports and exports.

Delivery of leaflets and publications:

We offer you advice throughout the entire process of international deliveries.

Courier Shipments:

Worldwide express shipping of documents and packages. We offer you door-to-door service from and to over 190 countries. Pick-up, packaging, customs management and a quick and safe delivery is included.

Import and export of merchandise:

Comprehensive logistics and international transportation services for your goods. We are responsible for managing and considering all aspects, such as customs management, coordination of different modes of transport (sea, air, land), and safe and timely delivery of goods to their final destination.

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